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Epilepsy Programme

The Medical Research Council have recently made a substantial £2.5M award to fund a 5 year Programme grant: “Brain Networks in Epilepsy: Endophenotypes and Generative Models”. Led by Professor Mark Richardson (King’s College London) and Professor John Terry (University of Exeter) the project aims to address four key questions:

  1. Are brain networks which have an abnormal ability to generate seizures found across a range of common types of epilepsy?

  2. Are these network abnormalities inherited?

  3. Does successful treatment act by altering the properties of these brain networks?
  4. In people whose epilepsy spontaneously goes away, is this accompanied by a change in the properties of these brain networks?

Researchers will develop a suite of theoretical tools to identify relevant brain networks from MRI brain scans and EEG recordings from more than 150 people with epilepsy, in addition to their close family relatives, and a "control" group of people who have no personal or family connection with epilepsy.

The project will host a number of meetings, as well as a visitor programme, and perspective visitors are encouraged to complete the online expression of interest form.