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7th July 2016

A paper published today in Scientific Reports suggests that a mathematical model representation of the human brain can identify the regions of the brain most critical in the generation of seizures,

4th January 2016

The University of Exeter will pioneer new methods for managing and treating chronic health conditions at a ground-breaking new maths-based research centre, it has been announced.

13th April 2015

Funded by the Wellcome Trust, with substantial matched funding from the University of Exe

17th November 2014

Researchers on the MRC and Epilepsy Research UK funded Epilepsy research programme at the University of Exeter and

17th October 2014

Recent findings from the MRC Programme Grant on Epilepsy have unveiled that alterations in macroscopic brain network structures are an apparently inherited feature, appearing in both people with id

19th August 2014

Stafford Lightman, Professor of Medicine at the University of Bristol will deliver the Mortyn Jones Lecture at the 7th International Congress on Neur

20th June 2014

The annual BrainModes conference returns to the United Kingdom after a five year break.

23rd December 2013

The visitor programme associated with the recently funded MRC Programme Grant “Brain Networks in Epilepsy: Endophenoytpes and Generative Models” begins this month, with Dr Stiliyan Kalitzin (SEIN,

22nd December 2013

The British Neuroscience Association Festival of Neuroscience 2013, held at the Barbican Centre in London, is a unique biennial event showcasing the hottest topics in neuroscience.